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George Glass Fucks Sexy Anthony

Welcome back to¬†hot older male once more, the place where you can see older guys teaching fresh studs some new tricks every week. And in today’s gallery you get to see George Glass teaching the new guy Anthony some pretty neato tricks to use in bed with other suds. So yeah, today you get to see the two of them take their time to play with each other and it makes for quite the show to say the least. Let’s get them cameras rolling and see some superbly hot and juicy¬†hotoldermale sucking this newbie’s dick with a passion for the afternoon and we have ourselves a great little scene here wouldn’t you say? Well let’s just get it going!

Antony gets to come and visit George this afternoon and he comes to him with a problem. He’s not very good at oral and he kind of needs the wisdom of this older stud to get better at it. George is more than happy to help and you get to watch him sucking and slurping on Anthony’s cock to make his dick stand at attention. And he makes sure to walk him through every single thing that he does to him to make sure that he understands too. The thing is that Anthony gets to put his skill to the test as well when the guy’s done sucking his dick. So enjoy the show with these two and we’ll be back again soon with another new and juicy update for you!


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