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Hot Older Male – Daddy Leo

This week we have another new¬†hot older male scene that’s sure to rock your socks and get you in the mood as we get to watch another older guy party hard with a fresh new guy. The older grizzled guy is Leo, a horny older guy that just likes to play hard with guys half his age and in this scene right here he gets to do plenty of that for your entertainment in front of the cameras. Leo and the guy had the afternoon all to themselves and that comfy leather couch to play on and they were going to take their sweet time to put on a¬†hotoldermale show that everyone can enjoy. So let’s sit back and watch the hot gay action unfold in this one shall we everyone?


Pretty much as soon as the show begins, the two are already getting busy and undressed and it seems that the older guy wants to be the one on the receiving end of this one. Leo wants to feel that guy’s hard eager cock plowing his nice and horny ass all afternoon long, so after sucking his dick to make sure he’s rock hard, watch him lay on his back and spread his legs for the guy. You get to watch Leo moan loudly in pleasure as he gets fucked missionary style for the whole scene and enjoys every single second of it as well. We’ll see you again once more next week, so make sure to come by and check out the new scene then as well. Bye and have fun everyone!

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