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Kidd Manleigh and Steve Lucas

Here we are today with two new hot and sexy studs and their nice and fresh hot older male scenes. And in this gallery you get to seethe sexy brunette hunk Kidd Manleigh and his mentor of sorts for the afternoon named Steve Lucas. The two of them can be seen in their little break turning up the heat as they get to have some very passionate moments together today. Both of them were working on a little building side project today and they were very happy about getting it done. The thing is that these two studs also found the time to fool around with one another in their spare time when they got on their little break and since they had such a good time they forgot all about the work they were doing. So let’s take our time to see just what kind of fun they had to make them forget about it all of a sudden.

Well as you can imagine, it does involve lots and lots of steamy gay sex and we think that you will find it quite entertaining to see what they ended up doing as well. So take your time to see the action go down with them as soon as their little break starts. You can watch them undress and start kissing right from the start and it seems that the guys were really really eager to get to have their fun for today without any sort of delay. The scene then continues with them as they get to share more intimate moments with Steve getting around to suck and slurp on that nice and hard cock to get it hard as a rock and then taking it in his nice and round ass as well. Enjoy this fresh new hotoldermale scene today and do come back next time for some more new and hot galleries as well everyone. We will be right here waiting for your return!


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Hot Older Male – Rex and Dominik

Another fresh week and time to see another amazing hot older male update. For this gallery update you get to see the fresh stud Dominik in action with one of our veterans let’s call him, named Rex. The two of them were all set to have some hard core fun in the bathroom today and of course, you know exactly of what kind of fun we are talking about. Well if you wanted to see two more hot hunks getting it on all afternoon long, this is the place to be as the two studs sure had lots of fun with one another today and you get front row seats to the whole show as usual. Let’s take our time to see them play and we can guarantee that you will just love seeing this fresh stud with the hot older stud as he gets to have some nice and hot fun times together with him for the day!

hot-older-male-rex-silver-does-dominik-augustThis hot stud with short dark hair and a beard was all for getting to spend his time with Rex today to learn a new trick or two. And to boot, he’d get to have the chance to have that very experienced cock work his ass nice and hard today too. But not before he got to get it rock hard first. So sit back, relax and watch Dom as he undresses Rex and when he whips out that nice cock, watch him sucking and deep throating it with a passion to get it ready for his fine and tight ass today. You will get to see him then as he bends over too and takes it nice and hard from behind as well. And in the end of it all, he also presents his face for a nice facial jizz blast from the older guy today. Enjoy it and have fun with it and don’t forget to stay tuned for more new and fresh hotoldermale scenes next time! If you can’t wait until the next post, check out some free bait buddies videos and see other horny gay guys sucking cocks!

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Shay Michaels and Aron Ridge

Time to see some more hot older male today as usual. And this time we have a nice and special treat for you guys to see as we bring you two very horny and hot studs that get to play with one another this afternoon. They are named Shay Michaels and Aron Ridge and they both are some nice and sexy muscled studs as you can see that are always more than ready to get wild and naughty for your enjoyment. And Aron as you can see is a black stud and you can bet that he’s packing one nice and big cock that’s always ready to please a nice and tight ass. And in this case it’s going to be Shay’s butt. Let’s get to see them at play today as they were about to engage in lots and lots of fun with one another and you simply must see their nice little fuck scene today.

When the scene starts off, you get to see the two starting their fun in the living room. The bearded stud Michaels was quite horny and eager to have some sexual fun and so he starts kissing his fuck buddy passionately to start things off nicely. Before you know it, both of them were already naked and you can also see Shay working Aron’s nice and big black meat pole to get it as hard as he can for his ass. He was very much in the mood to take one nice and hard ass fucking today from his buddy and his buddy was happy to deliver it. So take your time to see Shay bending over for Aron and then watch him take his ass fucking doggie style as the black stud works his tight hole from behind for this whole afternoon. We hope that you enjoyed it and we will have more for you to see soon as well!


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Ted Hutchins and Hunter Vance

Ted and Hunter were here on previous hot older male scenes as you know, but for this scene, we wanted to pair them together and bring their amazing scene today to you without delay. So take your time see a pair of hot and horny hunks as they get around to have some sweet sexual fun with one another in the afternoon as they get naughty and wild for the cameras. We just have to say that the two were pure magic as Ted did have quite a lot more things to teach Hunter in this scene today from his experience. So let’s get their amazing show going to see them fucking and having some wild fun with one another this fine day today. You can bet that you get front row seats to their show and it was just amazing to see them play kinky with one another today.


Their nice and hot scene takes place in the back room of a bar and that is where both of these studs ended up spending their night and doing some nice and kinky fucking. Take your time to see Ted playing the manager as he instructs his new employee on how to truly enjoy sex. You get to see him drop to his knees as he was eager to suck and slurp on the stud’s mighty fine cock this afternoon. And you just have to see him using his experience to work that nice and eager cock for the afternoon too. Then you can see him letting the younger stud pound his ass nice and deep with that hard cock that he worked on too. Take your time to enjoy this one everyone and as always, do come back next week for some more new and fresh scenes with all new hot and sexy studs as well.

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Ted Palmer and Darell Griffon

Well hot older male is back this fine week with some all new and fresh scenes for you to see today. Let’s get to watching some more hot older men as they get to have some fun for you guys in their nice and hot gallery this fine day. Well rest assured that the two men that you get to see here today were very eager and happy to get to show off just how they like to have fun for you and it’s just an amazing show overall. Let’s just get to it right away and watch them in action as they want to show off that they can still have some nice and hot sexual fin with one another too. Well let’s just get this show started and watch our two men in action as they had lots and lots of fun with one another just for your viewing pleasure today too.

We can say for sure that their scene is one to see and remember if you love this kind of thing, and the guys were sure into it as well. The scene starts with just the two of them in the bedroom and you get to see them starting off their nice little scene with some hot and sexy kissing and caressing for the afternoon. Of course, they also get to undress as you just have to see them naked too. Then you can enjoy seeing them taking their time to suck each other off to get those nice and thick cocks all nice and hard and prepared for the next part of the scene. Enjoy the anal sex session that they have today and as always, do come back next week for some more new and fresh hotoldermale scenes too. We will be here waiting for your return everyone, so goodbye for now and have fun!


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Hot Older Male – A Ripping Good Time

In this hot older male  scene from our “Brief Encounters” movie, we go back to the locker-room where silver daddies Steve and Allen are in the process of dressing up. Allen lowers his towel exposing his meaty butt, wrapped beautifully in white underwear. Steve dicks his head after which heads with his cock directly to Allen, where they discover one another through their lingerie. Steve licks and then screws Allen through his ripped underwear. After some licking and some finger-play, Allen has his time getting into Steve’s tight butthole. However Steve wants it on top so he gets Allen on his back again and he comes back on Allen, banging till he generates a huge milky jizzload. Allen then returns the favor and pours a hot load on Steve’s tummy. Enjoy the entire episode inside.

We wanted to bring this nice and special video to you guys as a special thank you for following us for so long. And as you can see we spared no expenses to have over two of our most superb studs fucking and sucking each other today. And that’s why we chose Steve and Allen as they were perfect for the job. Watch them sharing the scene in this fresh and hot hard style gay sex scene and enjoy the scene. We’re hoping that you’ll enjoy yourselves and do check out the past updates as well for more!

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Kickin’ it Old School

Beefy and sculpted young true stud Tony Daniels from our site and theguysite is chilling out one Sunday early morning with daddy Tim Kelly, old school, having newspapers in hands. However Tony has other things in his mind and his foot is aware what that thing is, since it presses against Tim’s genitals. Tim understands what’s happening and the newspaper is shortly put down for some exciting hot older male activities involving Tony’s beckoning tight hole. Tim gets directly on Tony’s butt and takes in it right after. The early morning sun light bathes these hotoldermale as they screw on the living room sofa…

As another fresh week started off we got to shoot another superb and sexy scene with two more hot hunks, and we bet that you’ll just love it. For this video we have Tim acting as the naughty man slut, and Tony, getting in the role to punish his nice and tight ass for this afternoon with his big and hard cock. Sit back and watch Tim sucking tony off as he licks and deep throats that big piece of man meat today. Then you get to see Tony bend over his fuck buddy as he wants to get to work on that nice and round ass for this afternoon. Watch Tim moan in pleasure as Tony shoves his big cock balls deep inside him! If these scenes are not enough for you, have a look at an extra scene with two horny old guys, having fun!

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Hot Older Male – Nick and Ben

Nick and Ben are at the office and nor looks too excited to make the rest of the day. That’s till Nick offers Ben the eye and Nick’s large meat starts to show through his pants. Just encouraged, these two find innovative ways to use a timber filing cabinet while they suck and lick one another. Then Nick screws Ben rough and fast with his very long 9″ tool. Ben will get his opportunity on top and shoves his hard cock up Nick’s hairy asshole. Monday has by no means felt so great. This hot older male scene is brand new so enjoy it and let’s see these guys in action.

You guys wanted to see both of these studs together and this fine video contains just them. And as you will see they put on quite a nice show. Sit back and watch this video start with the guys getting turned on and getting undressed for the cameras. The two guys were pretty fast in removing their clothes and as soon as they were naked, Tim was the first one to go down on his knees, and then he started to suck Nick’s cock with a thirsty passion for this superb video as you will see. Enjoy watching these two hot hunks fucking all over the place in this movie clip and see you next week, with another two blowing and banging each other. Also you can visit the cmnm site and watch other hot gay hunks fucking!

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Rough and Ready

In this hot dungeon hotoldermale scene from our new video, Rough and Ready, Manu and Edu are offering one another a nice going over in the dark. We all use a nice going over from these two hot older male fuckers. Well this was quite the passionate little sex scene that we shot, and we sure are eager to get to share it with you guys for this nice afternoon today. In it you get to watch sexy Manu and horny Edu as they get around to have some nice and hard fun for you guys to enjoy today. Well let’s not waste anymore time and let’s get this hot older male show on the road for today shall we?


The cameras start to roll, and Manu and Edu are all ready to get this thing going. Watch them share some nice intimate times as they kiss and caress one another’s muscled bodies as they took off one another’s clothes. And of course after that follows a nice and long blow job session with the two studs getting each other nice and hard for their tight asses. Sit back and watch them as they get to penetrate each other, and see all of this sexy goodness only here today. Rest assured that by the end both of them were covered in one another’s jizz, what more could you hope for to be honest. Have fun everyone!

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Hot Older Male – Amateur Daddy Orgy

In these hot older male pictures behind the curtain, from our fresh update “Amateur Daddy Orgy“, you can see a very hot orgy in action he way we saw it when we filmed it. It is raw, unedited and uninhibited guy-sex on the pool table. Enjoy the whole episode inside or similar content feat. old dudes at older4me. This fine week was just too perfect as you can see. And we simply couldn’t pass up the opportunity to let you guys see some very hot and sexy little scenes with some very horny and hot studs having fun in front of the cameras and you guys this fine day today.

This croup of five guys were sure rowdy all afternoon, and lucky for you guys, we got it all on camera. Sit back and watch this nice little crazy and wild fuck fest start off with all of the guys getting turns to suck on each other’s cocks in preparation for the next part. You get to see all of these horny and hot studs as they then take each other’s nice and tight asses for a hard style ride as they slide those big and hard cocks in each other’s nice and tight butts today. We’re hoping that you will enjoy this nice and hard style gay fuck fest for the afternoon with all of the guys and we’ll be bringing you more daddy games next week, like usual!


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