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Sailor and Dominik August

Hi there, my friends and welcome back! It is such a great pleasure to bring to you every week hot scene with our hot older male as they fuck each other on camera. This time we caught on camera horny Sailor and his younger stud, Dominik. These two will show us the true meaning of a gay fuck, so without any more delays, sit back there and watch the fucking each other and spraying warm jizz for the great finale.

As the cameras start to roll, these two hunks are going to kiss passionately and hard, like true men. They are in Sailor’s garage and Dominik will spread his legs right on Sailor’s wife’s car. But before that, the horny stud will spread his lips for Sailor’s cock and will suck on it like no other. For sure this hunk has a talent, so sit back there and watch him going deepthroat just for you. He will get his asshole stretched by that thick hard cock Sailor owns and for the great finale, the young stud will receive a nice load of jizz all over him. Also, check here another hot couple who is enjoying a nice day outdoor by sucking on each other’s tool. Enjoy!hotoldermale-sailor-and-dominik-august

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Dean Burke and Josh Thomas

Hi there! Who is ready for another amazing scene starring out hot older male? Well, I know that this is exactly what you were looking for when you came here and tonight we brought a fresh scene starring Dean and his lover Josh. The hunks are taking everything outdoor as it was a nice beautiful day. No more chit-chat, let me tell you how everything happened.

We all know what a sly dog Dean can be and when it comes to men, he prefers the younger ones. So this time he came with this younger stud who will suck on his cock like there’s no tomorrow. No wonder he picked him up as this stud truly has some skills there. I’m sure you will agree after watching him in hotoldermale action. The older hunk, Josh will stuff his cock between his cheeks also, after he bended him down. The two are taking everything outdoor, right on the grass,  stuffing each other’s holes in the nature. Make yourself comfortable and watch their hardcore gayfuck right now. Cum inside and there you will find a nice gay collection. Have fun and see ya all next time!


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Clint Taylor and Dean Burke

Hi there, my friends and welcome back! A truly nice day and our site has for you again a fresh hot older male scene. Two silver daddies will suck and fuck on camera and you are about to get front row seats once again. The older hunks will make your cock popping a nice boner as they went deepthroat this time right before they’ll receive  nice load of jizz right on those talented tongues. Just watch and drool.

So Clint here and horny Dean Burke engaged in a hot gay fuck and we caught every moment on our cameras just for you. These two will start their fucking by sucking on each other’s hard tool. You will see that sly dog Clint wears his balls ring just to make sure he will offer a nice piece of cock to his partner, Dean. After they went deepthroat on each other, Dean will bend and his tight ass will be stretched by Clint’s hard tool. He will also receive a nice load of jizz in the end from his mature stud. Enjoy the scene!hot-older-male-clint-taylor-and-dean-burke

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Hot Older Male – Christian and Steve

One amazing day it was and our site is ready to make it even better as we brought you a hot older male scene with Christian and Steve. These two mature hunks will suck and fuck tonight and you will realize, as I just did, that they are one hell of a couple. Christian started his fucking session in public. The hunk was pretty horny and could not wait until they went home. Grab a nice, comfortable scene because these two sure deserve your time. Sit back and enjoy them!hot-older-male-christian-mitchell-and-steve-hurley

As I said, horny Christian was in the mood for some cock today, so he simply grabbed his partner’s cock, without ever caring that they are in public. Crazy old stud Steve liked the idea, so the two started to fuck in public. First, Christian wrapped his talented lips around Steve’s cock, sucking and slurping on it, going deepthroat and getting it hard as a rock. Then you will see him humping on top of his partner and stuffing his asshole with that thick dick. I’m sure you will enjoy watching them in hotoldermale action, so just sit back there and enjoy the entire episode on our website. There we will have for you a nice hot collection. I’m sure you will enjoy it. Also, check here Jake and Cameron, another hot couple who will fuck each other hard and though.

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Dalton Hawg and Sean Travis

Hello there, my friends! We have for you tonight this hot older male who will get a nice face fuck just for your entertainment. The two are going to keep you company and I can guarantee that they are able of making you to burst your pants before time. For sure, you have to watch them in action first, so grab a seat and get ready to drool.

It seems like Dalton is back on screens again and this time he sucks on Sean’s hard tool. The horny bear needed his dose of cock and Sean offered to give him a nice gay fuck during this afternoon. Just watch these two because they are truly something. Dalton grabs Sean’s cock as the cameras start to roll and will put it right on his tongue, sucking on that like there’s no tomorrow. I’m sure you want to see him with his throat gagged and that nice ass roughly fucked. Well, it is exactly how you are going to enjoy him if you hit that button and you cum inside our website. See ya all next time as we will be back with fresh content next week. Until then, have fun with these

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Hot Older Male – Brad and Victor

Hello people and welcome! Our new hot older male video is here and it is ready to offer you one amazing scene. We have here for all of you two horny bears who will suck each other’s cock in a store. Brad and Victor are ready to make you evening better and I’m sure you and your cock will enjoy their company. Jus sit back there and watch them in action


So horny mature stud, Brad, picked up this hairy hunk in the store. He knew from the very beginning that he could not say no to a blowjob, so he came with that indecent proposal. No wonder he did not refuse as both are two horny mature hunks who will enjoy a hard cock at any time at the day. So watch Brad dropping on the knees in the exchange room and wrapping his talented lips around Victor’s cock. He will suck on his balls and on that hard tool, then his talented tongue will be sprayed with some creamy jizz load. No more chit-chat, just cum inside for the entire episode. Also, stay tuned as we will bring fresh content soon. Enjoy!

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Daddy Jason pounding Eddie Kordova

Hello guys, we are back with an exciting hot older male scene featuring Jason and Eddie Kordova. Jason has been shooting a lot of scenes but Eddie on the other hand is new around here. The funny things is, that Eddie confessed that he never had sex with an older guy which is nice because he is going to see how is like to get fucked by an older and much experienced guy like Jason.

Jason is the type of guy who never turns down an opportunity to pound some fresh meat, and Eddie came to us just in the right moment. Jason was so excited to meet him, and when Eddie got naked Jason’s cock got hard instantly. After sucking Eddie’s hard cock, Jason was ready to shove his big dick in Eddie’s tight ass. Eddie loved the feeling of a big cock slamming his asshole and he started jerking his rock hard cock while Jason was hammering his ass. After shooting a big load, Eddie was ready to take Jason’s load in his mouth. I think that these two are a perfect match, so we can’t wait to see them in action again!


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Long arm inside his ass

As you are about to see, these two horny guys are going to make out in such an incredible way! They are going to get rid of their clothes and start pleasuring each other’s ass holes, by fisting everything that they’ve got into their stretched butts. At first, one of them will lay down on his back, spread his legs widely and let the other one come closer and shove a couple of fingers into his stretched ass hole, fisting it with eagerness. Right after that, after he will make sure that this butt hole is roomy enough, he will slide his entire fist inside that ass, shoving his entire fist inside.

Have a look at these two and see how are they going to start pleasuring each other and make out, teasing their bodies in such a wonderful manner. You will see how is one of them is going to be pleased so bad that he is going to cum, spreading all his jizz load on his hairy chest. Do you want to see more? Have a look at the entire hotoldermale action and see how are these two going to make out later on and also check out the most recent Long Mint video update! It’s going to be epic!


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Peter Fulton and Jon Piston

In this latest update from we have Peter Fulton and Jon Piston with us. The two older men had an amazing time sucking and fucking one another. The silver daddies were next door neighbors for most of their life but never thought they will end up this up. They both got divorced in this last year and since then they’ve noticed all the men leaving one another’s house. So the other day while they were in their backyards they started talking and found out that both of them got divorced for the same reason. So they gave it a try and as you can see thing went pretty well between them. Don’t miss the older males sucking and fucking one another in this exclusive scene. Enjoy it!

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Boys on Top

We have one of the hottest scene from hot older for you guys. This time we got this hot black guy getting sucked off by his doctor during his check ups. Twice a year all the athletes have to go to the doctor for a routine check up, but for this one they got a new doctor. A doctor that was a bit to hands on, especially on the black guys. So when he entered in his office he undressed and noticed that his doctor was checking him out pretty intense. After he did the basic check ups the doctor started jerking off his dick and before he could say a word he started sucking his off. The horny doctor always had a weakness for black guys and he just couldn’t resist his dick. Enjoy!

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