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Clint and Dean

Another fresh week and time to see Dean once more in some hot older male action. You guys just adored seeing him at play the last few times we had updates for you and for this scene he comes back yet again for your enjoyment with a fresh scene. And the scene is once more taking place in his garage along side his trusty motorcycle as well. Though for this scene you get to see him be the one in the receiving end for a change and it’s quite a breath of fresh air to see him be the submissive one for once. So let’s get to see this hot and sexy old stud as he is joined by Clint this time and let’s watch him and Clint have a nice and raunchy afternoon as they get to do some nice and hard gay fucking for your viewing pleasure today shall we everyone?


As we said, Dean was the one to receive the fucking this time and he was quite happy and eager to get it too. Take your time to see him undressing first and then see him taking off Clint’s pants to whip out that nice and big cock. Then watch Dean go for that meat pole and watch him use those expert lips to suck and slurp on that nice and big cock with a passion today. He is a cock sucking expert, just like the guys from the next door buddies blog, so take your time to watch him work that meat pole and see him then offering up his ass for the taking. Well Clint isn’t here to pass that up of course, so take your time to see him anally fuck our stud all day today and enjoy the nice and fresh fuck hotoldermale scene with them. We can guarantee that you will see more of both of them in the future, but for now just enjoy and see you guys next week as always!

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