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Rough and Ready

In this hot dungeon hotoldermale scene from our new video, Rough and Ready, Manu and Edu are offering one another a nice going over in the dark. We all use a nice going over from these two hot older male fuckers. Well this was quite the passionate little sex scene that we shot, and we sure are eager to get to share it with you guys for this nice afternoon today. In it you get to watch sexy Manu and horny Edu as they get around to have some nice and hard fun for you guys to enjoy today. Well let’s not waste anymore time and let’s get this hot older male show on the road for today shall we?


The cameras start to roll, and Manu and Edu are all ready to get this thing going. Watch them share some nice intimate times as they kiss and caress one another’s muscled bodies as they took off one another’s clothes. And of course after that follows a nice and long blow job session with the two studs getting each other nice and hard for their tight asses. Sit back and watch them as they get to penetrate each other, and see all of this sexy goodness only here today. Rest assured that by the end both of them were covered in one another’s jizz, what more could you hope for to be honest. Have fun everyone!

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